Bullets,  Ballies,  Toppies   Geezers,  Buzzards,  Wrinklies,  Crinklies,

Old Buggers,   Oxygen Thieves,   The Ancients,   Stupid Old Duffers….


Call us what you like, we don’t care, because we know better.

We are THE OLD GUYS and we have seen and done and forgotten more stuff than today’s kids will ever dream of.

We have “Been there seen it done it all, and even sometimes done it twice!”.

(who can tell me what Kevin Bloody Wilson song that comes from, and if you don’t know who Kevin Bloody Wilson is then there is no way that you qualify to be an “Old Guy”).

The Old Guys of this world have the wisdom, the experience, and the knowledge of The Ages,
which is exactly why “Old Guys Rule!”

We have paid our school fees in life and set down our markers, and now we “Know Stuff”;

like how the world thinks, how Cappuccino machines operate, how women work, and what Donald Ducks’ middle name is.

(It’s Fauntleroy by the way. Don’t believe me, go look it up.)

Old Guys know how to do clever things too, like how to open non-screw top beers with another beer only, or in extreme cases, with just a R10.00 note. They are the guys who know how to make a braai fire that doesn’t smoke like a 17th hand Toyota Hi-Ace on the overrun down Van Reenen’s Pass, and how to ride the Roof of Africa for 3 days straight and never ever get arm pump or thumb blisters. Old Guys are the guys who know where to sit in the line-up at back line, how to stare down a Wildebeest without getting charged, what a Helical Strake is, how to reach back-line in the rip without effort, how to drive a manual car without a clutch in the traffic,…. and how to paddle out at Cave Rock and not come back with your board in 6 different pieces.

Old Guys have the passion of a life well lived like the Guys that were out hanging ten at Waimea Bay 40 years ago. They have the experience of Guys who have fought wars and lived, and they have the  wisdom of guys who have made earth shattering things happen, like living in space, nuclear bombs, dark matter, time travel, ……

and Charlize Theron in   “2 Days in the Valley”.  

Woodstock, … Vietnam, … The Rocky Horror Show, … Life before the interwebnet, … Drum Brakes, … Beers without screw-off tops, … MX bikes with 3 inches suspension travel only, … and walking on the Dark Side of the Moon, yes, it us OLD GUYS cruising around today that made all that and so much more happen,……… and we lived through it all.

We are the guys who paddled surfboards out into 50 foot waves ….. before there were poncy Wave Runner Jet-ski rescue craft huzzing around all over to save your butt when you got it wrong.  We are the guys who paddled out whatever the weather or temperature, before wet-suits were even thought of.

We are the guys who watched  ENDLESS SUMMER,   AMERICAN GRAFFITI,   BIG WEDNESDAY,  CONVOY, APOCALYPSE NOW,  VANISHING POINT,  CASABLANCA,  and  ON ANY SUNDAY  all as brand new films at the outdoor movie Drive-in Theater in beat up old Hot Rods that we built out of scrapyard parts that today would condemned for being on the roads, but were our greatest transport back then.

Old Guys are the Guys for whom Larmont, XT500, Lightning Bolt, Safari Surf Shop and Spider, IT495, Smuggies, Rega Planar 3 and Linn Sondek LP12, The Little Chev CanAm, Wolfman Jack, Yasgur’s Farm, Firemans, XR6 Interceptor, The Barn, Corobrick Park, Sun City Superbowl, Swingles, Skantz and Jacqulines, Mama’s Pizza in Rocky Street, The Dolls House, “10-4 Good Buddy” and “The Gunston 500” …. are all hallowed and respected words.

Old Guys are the Guys who have lived a meaningful full life, and can now honour themselves for years well spent.

An Old Guy wearing an Old Guys Rule T-shirt is a man rewarding himself for a life well lived,

and a youngster wearing an Old Guys Rule T-shirt is someone showing respect to his elders and betters.

An Old Guys Rule tee is a symbol of a wise man who has been there,….  done that,….  and literally got the t-shirt. It is the mark of a man for whom the saying “No guts No Glory No Scars No Proof” is a mantra.

All our round neck tees are made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton, come in sizes M-3XL, and are created to last and undoubtedly look good too. They are shirts made just like they did in the good old days. What more could you want?

So, whether you are a MR. Miyagi “Wax on Wax off” type of Old Guy,…

or a Bear “A day will come that will be like no other” type of Old Guy,…

or a real life Gary Player “It’s funny, but it seems like the more I practice the luckier I get” Old Guy,……

 Wear your OLD GUYS RULE shirt with pride, because OLD GUYS really do RULE!!!

Old Guys Rule T-shirts, you guys have earned them.