T-Shirt<br>No. 1 Dad<br>Improved With Age<br> Aged To Perfection<br>Distilled a long time ago
No. 1 Dad
Improved With Age
Aged To Perfection
Distilled a long time ago

No. 1 Dad T-Shirt T-shirt – Old Guys Rule – No. 1 Dad 100% Cotton Large front print Logo on back Short sleeved

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Accessories<br>Whiskey Tumbler<br><br><br><br>
Whiskey Tumbler

Whiskey Tumbler Old Guys Rule Whiskey Tumbler Etched fine cut crystal

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POTJIE FOUNTAIN!!!A true South AfricanBoer-Maak-n-PlanOld GuysGenius Invention!!!
POTJIE FOUNTAIN!!!A true South AfricanBoer-Maak-n-PlanOld GuysGenius Invention!!!
The "WORLD FAMOUS" one-of-a-kind POTJIE FOUNTAIN!!!!!!! A true South African "Boer-Maak-n-Plan" Old Guys Genius Invention!!! Insert 'The Fountain' into the bottom of your empty, pre-oiled, potjie pot, add in the great chunks of your favourite beast that you desire to consume on top of it, gooi da pot stukkend full of beer and gravy and juice to cook it all in, put whatever vegetables and "herbs" and other fancy stuff that Mommy and your poof-tah friends all want in there aswelltoo; and stick the whole shebang on the fire.  Then, as the juice in the bottom of the pot becomes hot, it gets forced up the central spout of the Potjie Fountain that comes out the dome, and all the lovely juices and gravy will start spraying out the fountain's head at the top, coating all the contents in the pot continually, keeping all the gravy circulating all the time and pouring all over the food from the top down, This spreads the flavour throughout the whole pot everywhere and stops the bottom layer of food from getting too hot and burning, and the top layer of food from drying out. What a genius labour saving brilliant idea!  And there are great recipes on the side of the box too.
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